5 Great Islands around Pattaya which you can visit

  1. Coral Island is the largest islands that can be reached from Bali Hai Pier. It is the only island with a resident population. The island has 6 main beaches which one can visit. Once can charter a speedboat to visit the different beaches around the island.

  1. Koh Sak, the U-shapes island is famous for two beautiful beaches with a path between them. There are diving tours which visit the coral reef and nearby artificial shipwreck. Popular attraction is walking along the path through the middle island where you can find famous footprints left by famous feet like Neil Armstrong!


  1. 3. Koh Krok is the smallest sandy beached island located closest to Pattaya islands. It serves as an excellent spot for snorkelling and diving. The only way to reach the island is by speedboat.


  1. 4. Monkey Island also known as Koh Klet Kaew, is called so because of a large number of monkeys which reside in this small jungle-covered island. They are crab-eating macaques and are accustomed to human contact due to daily visits from tourists. Visitors have a wonderful time feeding and photographing the residents of the islands.


  1. Koh Samet is a small island which has sheer cliffs on the western coast while beaches line the eastern coast. The island hold the annual Thai pop and rock music festivals and is a popular destination for youngsters and party lovers. The beautiful blue seas are excellent for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.



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