5 Reasons Why you should book a Condo over a Hotel

Off late Condos and Apartments have an edge over hotels as far as booking for vacation is considered. There are several reason why one books a condo/Apartment instead of a hotel:

  1. Spaciousness

Condos provide generous space which includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom area and toilet, where as in hotels one can feel cramped up and claustrophobic because of it lack of speciousness.


  1. To ensure Carefree family Holidays

If you are travelling with kids or expecting a guests, condos and apartments serve a better alternative than hotels owing to the ample space and separated areas for privacy. Many apartments areas offer huge pools and BBQ areas thereby ensuring a pleasurable and carefree family holiday.


  1. Cost effective

Luxury Apartments and Condos are available for affordable prices. Not only you enjoy the luxury accommodation but also privacy and personal space for cooking and storing groceries. A piece of advice, you should do a thorough research of the condo and compare them with hotels in order to get the best deal.


  1. Home away from Home feeling

It is no doubt that, hotels are cold, unfriendly and cramped. But on the other hand, apartments and condos offer a much more relaxed atmosphere thus curbing away any sense of homesickness. You can cook your own food and enjoy all the amenities with having to clean up your apartment.


  1. Location

Most of these apartment and condos are located centrally and the affordable price of it makes it a smarter choice in comparison to hotel which charge much higher just for the convenient locational advantage. You can thereby have access to the best eating joints and shopping centres, pubs and clubs  just a few minutes’ walk or ride away.






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